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The Mountain Map Process: Proudly Made in Alaska

DESIGN: Once an area is selected using our custom Mountain Map application, digital elevation data resolution is extracted. The data is converted to a 3D model then additional features (custom text, GPS points, etc.) are added. The model is cleaned up to ensure high detail and then the model is sent to the 3D Printer.

3D PRINT: Once the 3D printer settings are correct, the printing process begins. Our suite of printers melt small layers of degradable bioplastic  made from renewable resources (the same plastic used in compostable plastic cups) one layer at a time until the Mountain Map is created from the ground up. 

PAINT: Each Mountain Map is hand painted to mimic a bronze highlight patina. You can also select your own custom color, just ask!

FRAME: Multiple colored frames are available including walnut, cedar, black, and white. Wall mounting hardware included. 


DONATE: Did we mention that 1% of each Mountain Map sale goes to an Alaskan Nonprofit? With a passion for the outdoors, we want to help keep Alaskan outdoor recreation safe, beautiful, and fun for future generations. 


Great for large walls, large tables, and large impressions.... get it? It's large. 30 x 30 inch.


Also known as the Coffee Table Size due to it's perfect size to fit any coffee table yet still "pops" when hung on a wall. 20 x 20 inch.


The perfect desk top reminder of the epic trip or to save your wall space if you plan on collecting more. 10 x 10 inch. 


Depending on the area selected, some sizes will vary slightly. Additionally, if you would like a rectangular or custom shape and size, just ask!



Custom text and logos

Custom orders:

We can add custom logos, text, GPS paths, and symbols to any Mountain Map upon request. Please contact us for any custom orders. 
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